Gearbox Specialist Welcomes You

You will experience professional repair of manual or automatic gearboxes from light motorcars, LDV's & trucks. We also undertake repairs on automatic gearboxes of later model motor cars, which have complex designs and are electronically controlled. Diagnostic testing of these vehicles are important prior to removal of the gearboxes to pin point the origon of the fault.

In the modern cars the gearboxes range from automatic, CVT & DSG systems. Differential Repairs are also undertaken. Exchange units are available only for manual gearboxes & differentials.

Gearbox Specialist provides service to the major mechanical warranty and also insurance companies as well as Fleet Services.
Gearbox Specialist is also RMI and MIWA Registered. Repair work carries a 12 month / 20000 Km Warranty and Exchange units carry a 12 month / 40000 Km Warranty.

Click here to view our RMI Certificate.
4x4 vehicles are also very much a specialty in our workshop.

Gearbox Specialist
Services Offered

  • Expert repairs to most gearboxes / transmissions
  • Differential repairs
  • We collect and deliver
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Towing can be arranged